Visual Studio ReSharper Performance for Large Solutions

What Really Worked


  • Disable ReSharper code analysis: ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings | Enable code analysis | Uncheck
  • Then analyze individual files on demand with Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A aka ReSharper_InspectThis.

Visual Studio

  • Create a copy of the solution (File > Save Solution As)
  • Unload all projects from the copy.
  • Visual Studio will save these settings in the .vs directory.
  • Use that solution for most development tasks.
    • Load projects in that solution as needed.
    • Build/Run from the command line.

Other Helpful Things

Nuclear Option: ReSharper > Options > Code Inspection > Settings

  • Uncheck Enable Code Analysis
  • Projects to Ignore > Add > *.*
  • Elements to skip > File masks > Add > *.*

The ultimate step is to clear the Enable code analysis check box. This will disable the design-time inspection, but you will still be able to run code inspection in the desired scope when you need it.

Turn off some VS Settings:

More Visual Studio Stuff

Disable Windows Defender:

Tweak Windows:

  • Performance Options > Adjust for best performance.
  • Services > Windows Search > Startup type > Disabled

R# Shortcuts Reference

Tweak ReSharper Guide